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Connecting supply and demand in Social Housing

In the Netherlands, a growing shortage in social housing can be observed. Particularly in larger cities, finding a suitable home is challenging for people with a lower income. Therefore, obtaining insight into the balance between demand and supply in this market is highly valuable, aiming to increase the chances for people to find a home.

Together with housing corporation Ymere, we investigate patterns that can provide direction for developing solutions. How does the demand for particular houses change over time? Which profiles of houses are most popular? For which type of houses an oversupply can be observed? Which houses are accepted the quickest, and which the slowest? And for which type of tenant is the least available?

This is a selection of the questions that can be answered based on the available data. The visualizations on this page provide insight into these questions. While the data has been anonymized here, it is clear that they provide a lot of perspective on the market for key decision makers.