Social Data Layer

The opinion of citizens becomes more and more important in infrastructure development in the Netherlands. Currently, mostly walk-in evenings are hosted to get the opinion of the public. Generally, this does not give a very representative sample of the population. Sweco wants to change that to make sure that every population group gets the opportunity to have their opinion heard.

Soda collaborated with GreenGorillas, Dataspox and Sweco in order to realize a Proof of Concept for how social media can be used in development and decision making in infrastructure development. We provide insight and advice regarding at what level and scale social media can be used in order to gauge sentiment concerning themes in certain regions. For this, we look at among others data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

As an example, consider how in a city as Eindhoven people tweet about a subject such as energy transition, how this varies over time and gets influenced by events such as elections. Respecting privacy measures introduced by the GDPR and analyzing the impact of this new regulation is highly important here.

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