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Plastic detection in rivers using Artificial Intelligence and cameras

Plastic pollution in the oceans is a huge problem. Once it is in the ocean, plastic is likely to stay there for hundreds of years. Animals die after accidentally consuming it. With that, plastic degrades into smaller particles, until it can find its way into the entire food chain. Also into our diet.

It is expected that 80% of the plastic in the oceans originates from rivers. However, complete insight into the geographical and temporal distribution of the problem is not yet available.  This is caused by the large amount of rivers, as well as by the lack of scalable/reliable data collection methods.

We therefore developed and Artificial Intelligence  (AI) solution which enables monitoring plastic pollution in rivers using camera images. This, in combination with the dashboard below, makes it possible to map river plastic pollution and its contribution to ocean plastic. Both geographically as well as throughout time.

AI solutions have the potential to contribute to solutions for many social challenges. Are you curious about how camera analysis and deep learning can bring your social mission to the next level? Contact us through info@sodascience.nl.


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