Analysing the need for knowledge in Health Care

The Dutch Health Care sector knows many stakeholders, among which of course the health care providers. Constant developments in the sector result in an abundance of available knowledge. However, is this knowledge always relevant for health care providers, and are they able to obtain access to the required knowledge?


Together with Vilans, we investigate the balance between the need for and the availability of available knowledge in health care. As knowledge center in the long-term health care sector, Vilans collects a lot of data surrounding issues raised by health care providers. This happens both online (website, surveys) as well as offline (conferences, information sessions). 

By visualizing this data into intuitive graphs, the data can now actively be used in mitigating between desire for and availability of knowledge in health care.

The chart below is an example of how such a data set can be visualized. It provides insight into the distribution of questions raised by target audiences (left), question subject type (middle) and position of the health care provider (right). Of course, the data has been fully anonymized here, as it is just shown for the sake of demonstration.

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