Providing insight into biking behavior

The Netherlands is the world's largest biking country. 36% of the Dutch people see the bike as their main form of transportation in daily life. With that, biking is the most sustainable method of transportation out there. Enough reason to stimulate it. A correct infrastructure which takes into account the desires of bikers is therefore of high importance.

To realize this Soda and the Dutch biking foundation analyze the biking behavior on existing biking routes and intersections. We look at frequency of usage of biking roads, breaking behavior and safety of biking route usage.

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"The bike is underrepresented in existing traffic models. Bikers appear to behave differently from cars and we know too little about challenging bottleneck intersections, route decisions and dangerous situations


The Fietsersbond has been organizing the "fietstelweek" for three years now, in which every smartphone-user can participate. Using this data, Soda performed a project for the Fietsersbond's department of Den Bosch for one important main biking route. It turns out that it is possible to use this analysis to make conclusions which either validate or undermine the subjective ideas of domain experts. The results are very promising for future developments."

Karen & Peter, de Fietsersbond

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